Indonesia, A Country of No Viral No Justice

Wilson Lalengke on AI

KOPI, Jakarta – This is true! People in Indonesia is still desperately fighting for justice or fairness. Until today Indonesia’s people have yet to see any sign of equality or morality offered by its law and police. Even with cases so grotesquely unjust that normally spread like wildfire throughout the media, people’s demand for change has gone unanswered as these stories fail to go viral.

For such long time, Indonesian have experienced extreme disappointment. People are continually left without any form of judicial recompense or retribution. Indonesia’s citizens are crestfallen at the prospect of justice never coming from the government. This condition creates an atmosphere of utter hopelessness in the face of such inequality.

No doubt, Indonesia is a country of no viral no justice. It is an extremely desperate situation to have such a large population lack basic access to justice. Despite the laws and police in place, Indonesia’s citizens are still very difficult to get equal treatment before the law. People are often deprived of their rights due to sosial discrimination appeared in many forms of inequality that remain rampant in the country.

No Hope for Fairness

It is heart-breaking to witness Indonesia’s justice system fail its people despite them crying out for help through legal means and expressions of moral outrage on social media platforms. In Indonesia, even when something goes viral, it seems like there is little hope for true justice being served. No matter how hard others try to force a change, without consistent action and accountability, Indonesia will continue to be a country where there’s no justice. Only sad disappointment is in its place.

Justice and equality have become alien concepts and very expensive. It is because the Indonesian law and police are not effective in addressing those who break the laws and morality. There is an under-representation of Indonesia’s voice on social media. Without the leverage of going viral, justice is impossible to reach.

This lack of awareness leads to misplaced blame, false accusations, and irrational fear instead of doing any attempt to establish justice or retribution. So many Indonesians has struggle out in desperation for justice. Yet, these fights remain unnoticed by authorities. The hope for fairness has been lost, creating a crestfallen atmosphere; real equality before the law seems too high to get.

Do Viral to Justice

Indonesia is a country where case must go viral for gaining justice. Fairness and equality are seen as out of reach for many. Morality and the law are only alternatives to the normal course of action. Everyday Indonesia suffers from lack of fair prosecution for crimes that go unpunished.

The police very often blame technology and those who make a case viral. Law enforcement officials always use the Electronic Information and Transaction Law to punish residents who spread information about cases. At this point, people become afraid to make a case-news published and go viral.

In fact, a viral news on social media and mass media happened because the police did not do their job properly. Victims and the public are disappointed that they cannot find a way out due to the negligence of the police in processing their cases. This is a worst situation that Indonesia continues to face every day, a No Viral No Justice situation. Every day we must demand that Indonesia’s leaders take responsibility and restore equality before the country goes too far with injustice and then collapse.

Unjust System and Conduct

Indonesia is a heart-breaking example of a country where fairness is hard to come by. When there is no viral, there is no justice. Indonesian lives this reality every day. Without any viral or equal protection under the law, people of Indonesia continue to struggle with deep-seated inequality and morality issues. The police hold the key to delivering justice but often lack the power, knowledge, and resources to do so. Their failure is also largely due to the very low morality of the police.

It’s an endlessly disheartening situation that leaves citizens crestfallen and powerless. They cry for help but unanswered by an unjust system and conduct. The government only stay calm seeing this painful situation. Indonesia desperately needs true justice in order for people to have a chance at equality and fairness. Until now, the world looks on it in disappointment.

The Biggest Problem

Indonesia’s situation as a country of no viral no justice can be seen everywhere. Someone can only get justice if the case gets enough attention from the public. This is a country where there is an invisible line between those who have access to fairness and those who do not. Indonesia is a place full of inequality and injustice. The failure to protect Indonesia’s vulnerable citizens has been perpetuated by police, prosecutors and judges as well as morality advocates. It’s discouraging that one needs someone else’s care or attention in order to receive equality under Indonesia’s justice system. This is unacceptable and it breaks our heart that such conditions exist within Indonesia today.

Lacking in justice is the most-big problem in Indonesia. Despite being a country of beauty and culture, the absence of true justice creates a fabric of despair and disappointment. Too many people in Indonesia are treated unequally under the law. Extremely often laws are enforced arbitrarily, leaving countless victims with no voice or representation and unable to access their right to justice. This circumstance frequently leads to injustice going viral without proper recourse or restorative measures. Police fail to respond.


Finally, it seems almost impossible to obtain justice through the law and police system in Indonesia. Rights and equality are becoming a nonsense, where greed, corruption and immorality reign supreme. Indonesia is a land where only those with money or power can gain justice. It’s a tragedy that even if an incident goes viral it does not guarantee justice or equality for victims or the sufferer. Indonesia will continue to be mired in poverty whilst the rich and corrupt continue to rise above the law, leaving people feeling crestfallen and despondent with each passing day as they realize there is no hope within Indonesia’s system of law and morality.

Indonesia will soon become a country in crisis where fairness is nowhere as no viral no justice also often fails. There is a pressing need for Indonesia to bring back morality and equality under the law. Without fundamental changes that serve to evaluate the current justice system, Indonesia will remain crestfallen and down. If Indonesia is ever to have true justice, morality must be embedded not only into the laws but also in how those laws are enforced. Until then, Indonesia will remain a country of no viral no justice. (*)


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