After Lebanon, PPWI Opens Representative Office in Libya

KOPI, Jakarta – Coordinator of the Overseas Indonesian Citizen Journalists Association (PPWI), Dr. Abdul Rohman S. Daboussy submitted his report to the PPWI National Headquarter in Jakarta that he had finished preparing the PPWI Representative Office in Tripoli, Libya. This information was received by the Chairperson of PPWI, Wilson Lalengke, S.Pd, M.Sc, MA, today, Sunday, July 4, 2021. The head of PPWI’s representative in Libya is held by Dr. Faez Mohmad Monsour Alfarjani.

“After successfully opening a PPWI Representative Office in Beirut, Lebanon, some time ago, today I received a report from the PPWI Overseas Coordinator, Dr. Abdul Rohman Daboussy, that PPWI colleagues there have opened our representative office in Tripoli, Libya,” said Wilson Lalengke to this media, Sunday, July 4, 2021.

This is the second PPWI representative office abroad which was successfully opened in collaboration between the PPWI National Executive Board, represented by Dr. Abdul Rohman Daboussy, with partners in the media and publications abroad, especially in the Middle East and North Africa. According to Lalengke, the establishment of representative offices abroad is a breakthrough for PPWI to create communication connectivity and coordination between communities in various parts of the world.

“We are grateful to be able to establish communication and coordination with various nations in the world through an organization built using a citizen journalism system, the journalism of the public in general. This will allow the opening of opportunities for collaboration between nations that are more real and touch the grassroots community, not only by officials and elite businessmen who have been dominating the economy and the dynamics of world civilization,” explained Lalengke, who is a postgraduate in Global Ethics from Birmingham University, The United Kingdom (UK).

Dr. Faez Mohmad Monsour Alfarjani, PPWI General Manager for Libya

Meanwhile, Dr. Abdul Rohman Daboussy from Lebanon said that he had met the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Beirut to report on the existence of the PPWI representative office, especially the one established in Lebanon. “Lebanon’s PPWI representative, Mr. Jamil Ali Zaher, and I have visited and talked to the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia here in Beirut about the opening of PPWI office in Lebanon. Mr. Ambassador Hajriyanto Y Thohari and several officers are welcoming us and ready to support our effort to build cooperation among Indonesian journalists and the Lebanese media,” Lalengke quoted a report from PPWI officials in Lebanon.

Furthermore, PPWI Chairman Wilson Lalengke also added that his organisation is currently preparing to open representative offices in several more countries in the Middle East and Africa region. “Preparations are already underway, including PPWI representative offices in Iraq, Chad, and Niger. If there are no obstacles, hopefully this year we can open representative offices in ten countries in the Middle East and Africa, including Saudi Arabia,” added Lalengke excitedly.

Globally, PPWI members have spread to dozens of countries, both in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, America, and Latin America. The PPWI members, there are Indonesian nationals who live abroad, many are local nationals. “We have a friend Mr. Katsujiro Ueno and friends from PPWI in Japan, Ken-Chu Lin and friends in Taiwan, Shiva Heririt and friends in Paris, France, and many more,” said Lalengke. (APL/Red)


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