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KOPI JAKARTA – Talking about animated films, definitely can’t be separated from Disney. Since several decades ago, Disney has been the pioneer of the best animated children’s films. Not only presenting visuals of fairy tales that can bring children’s imagination to life, Disney films produce stories that are light, entertaining, but still full of personality messages.

Want to see a movie with the family this weekend? Disney movies can be one of the options. Here animation studio has five of the latest Disney movie references for families that you can watch with your family.


Released in 2020, Onward was delayed in broadcasting due to the outbreak. If you missed it, you can check out this film by director Dan Scalon.

Onward tells the story of magical creatures who live in an area called New Mushroomton. Due to the technological prowess that approached them, the magical creatures forgot their magical abilities and lived like normal humans. Starting from having a modern house, driving, to using a cellphone. They forget that each one has a unique power that they can use for everyday life.

Everyone forgets his magical abilities, except for Barley Lightfoot (Chris Pratt). His belief in the world of magic is growing when his younger brother, Ian Lightfoot (Tom Holland) turns 16 and gets a special gift in the form of a magical Phoenix wand from his dead father. With that wand and a spell that needed to be cast, Ian and Barley believed their dead father could return to visit them within 24 hours.

I think, they can not, yes, return the father and meet to release the miss?


What happens to your soul when you die? Did it just go away? Or can protest one decision and return to the world again?

That’s what happened to Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx). Joe just got his dream assignment as a pianist for his favorite jazz musician. Unfortunately, in the middle of the road he had an accident and made him die.

When he wakes up and realizes that he is in another world, Joe doesn’t accept it and tries to return to this world to live his dream. He also accidentally fell into a place called the Great Before, a location that contains the souls of an unborn person.

In Great Before, Joe meets 22 (Tina Fey). Figure 22 is a soul who does not want to be born into the world because he has not found his life’s desire. Joe chooses to help 22 only because he is one way for Joe to return to the world and live his dream.

Raya and The Last Dragon

Indonesian Disney fans are really looking forward to this animated film. Because, apart from presenting a great exploration story, Raya and The Last Dragon takes the background of the location and culture of Southeast Asia. Some elements such as food, house, name and shared values, are taken from Southeast Asian culture. Just watch Raya’s weapon, similar to a kris, right?

Raya and The Last Dragon tells the story of the thrilling exploration of Raya (Kelly Marie Tran), who tries to find and finds the last dragon named Sisu (Awkwafina). Raya believes, by finding Sisu, she can reunite the country she lives in which is now experiencing a breakdown.


Luca is slated to appear in June 2021. The film is based in Italy and allows us to get to know one of those countries in Europe more closely.

Luca tells the story of 2 close friends named Luca Paguro (Jacob Tremblay) and Alberto Scorfano (Jack Dylan Grazer) who spend the summer in Italy. There, the two of them really enjoyed the day, starting from walking around on a scooter, to eating gelato.

Not only that, they also make friends with a new girl named Giulia (Emma Berman). No one knows—not even Giulia—that Luca and Alberto are actually sea creatures. What happens next, huh, when the identities of Luca and Alberto are revealed?


Just like Luca, Encanto hasn’t launched yet. This musical film will appear simultaneously in November 2021 next.

Encanto tells the story of the Madrigals family who live secretly in a mountainous region in Colombia. The Madrigals’ house is wonderful because it is afforded a magnificent and eye-pleasing sichir. This is because all members of the Madrigals family have magical powers.

Yes, all Madrigal families have that power except for one of their daughters. So, what’s the next story?

How? All great, right, the Disney animated film above. Some have not been launched yet. But, all waiting, there’s nothing wrong with looking at other Disney animated films, right?


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