Lebanon Condemns the Occupation Forces Stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque

KOPI, Beirut Berri: The Jerusalemites are resisting on behalf of the nation and on behalf of humanity so that we do not fall again and the last remaining human dignity falls with us. And the Lebanese, and before it is too late, we are called to renounce hatred and stop the free political tampering, whose continuation only benefits those who tamper with the most sacred of human sanctities, which is the Israeli enemy.

Speaker of the Parliament who is also as The President of Lebanon, Nabih Berri, condemned the Israeli occupation forces’ storming the courtyards of the Noble Al Aqsa Mosque, violating the sanctity of the cradle of Christ and the land of his resurrection, the desecration of the sanctities of the first two kisses and the third of the Two Holy Mosques, and the most heinous acts of aggression in an unprecedented manner against Muslim and Christian clerics in Holy Jerusalem and the right of worshipers of elders, women and children.

President Berri expressed his “Salute of pride and appreciation for Al-Quds and the Jerusalemites, who are as they are. They always resist on behalf of the nation and humanity, so that we do not fall again and with us the last remaining human dignity and heavenly messages.” He added, “It is Jerusalem from the Al-Buraq Wall, the Ibrahimi Mosque and the outskirts of the Damascus Gate, and the echo returned the bells of the Church of the Nativity, and from the streets of the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood and from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, the call of the prophets, saints, saints and resistance fighters breaking the restrictions of the occupation with their blood, tears and smiles, and arresting its soldiers red-handed with their racism and terror of the occupation. They paint the image of their scenery and our scene in the finest that can be drawn, and consecrate with their fists clenching the embers of the cause and the stone of the uprising, that Palestine from its sea to its river is the truth and the truth, and that the occupation is ending.”

He continued, “One of the environs of Jerusalem from Lebanon, which was and still is within the circle of targeting and targeting the Israelis in its security, wealth, and civil peace, and in its missionary and civilizational role, which represents the antithesis of the racism of the Israeli entity from Lebanon, which unfortunately today is almost lost by some with selfishness and narrow personal interests and with the diligence in keeping it drowning. In the furnace of obstruction and emptiness and presenting its human and leadership energies to the world in contrast to its true image, the image of the incapable of providing solutions to its simplest internal crises, and to the extent that we grow up with Palestinian brothers presenting them altruism and unity over selfishness and division, we invite ourselves and all the Lebanese with all their political forces and at this fateful moment to an objective and careful reading of the repercussions The danger that takes place in the region from the Palestinian scene, considering it a test for the nation in its unity, stability, identity, culture and common security.”

President Berri pointed out, “We as Lebanese, before it is too late, are called to reject hatred and stop the free political tampering whose continuation only benefits from those who tamper with the holiest of human sanctities, which is the Israeli enemy. We are called to make the resurrection of Lebanon based on the Jerusalem scene. The collapse of Lebanon and its loss is a new waste.” To the Palestinian right to return, liberation, and establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital.”

President Berri concluded his message to the Jerusalemites: “Count you in these blessed nights, while you live for the nation’s destiny nights, and your voice echoes His words: In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful: And let us know if he desires.” (ARD/Red)


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